Electric Chainsaw 7Inch -KBZC-21V7001

Short Description:

  • Body material: ABS
  • Working voltage: DC 21V
  • Maximum power: 500W
  • Charging voltage: AC110-220V 50-60Hz
  • Battery capacity: 3AH rechargeable lithium battery
  • Chain length: 8Inch
  • Chainsaw weight:1.3KG
  • High-speed Charging time:2-3  hours
  • Working time: 2 hours for double batteries

Product Detail

Product Tags

● A Beast for Pruning, Trimming & Gardening: With 13.2ft/s significantly high chain speed, just apply light pressure to control the position that helps a lot to minimize wrist torsion. This mini chainsaw will take your tree down like it is butter! The brushless motor performs a robust and solid direct-drive system, allowing you to carry out smooth and efficient cutting. Most importantly, it requires virtually no maintenance.

● Real Game Changer in Ultra Lightweight & Nimble Design: This 7-inch battery operated chainsaw is a time saver and back saver, with only 1.9kg/4.18Lbs in weight. Even beginners can operate and control with ease. One of the biggest advantages is it can fit into tight spaces that traditional large saw can’t. The lightweight will make it a great tool for ladder work as well. Weak wrist or arthritis users friendly!

● No Cord, No Limit, Instant Start: The handheld battery powered hand chainsaw comes with a powerful and rechargeable 21V Lithium-Ion Battery, which allows you to run for up to 40-60 minutes.The convenience of being able to grab the portable cordless chainsaw and allow you to instantly start trimming around the backyard.

● Ready-To-Use With Tool-Free Installation: This cordless chainsaw with battery and charger is almost ready-to-use right out of the box. You do not get fretted to use the tool; the chain and saw can be easily installed and replaced without the need to use any tools. Zhongcun battery operated mini chainsaw comes with tool-free design and a detailed and thoroughly English manual with picture description step by step, as simple and enjoyable as playing legos.

● Safety First! – Triplex Safety Protection: Zhongcun mini chainsaw cordless features with safe lock-off button, 100°rotatable top guard baffle, plus rubberized and ergonomic grips for user safety. The built-on lock-off button helps a lot to prevent the chain from accidentally engaging, while the rubberized handle makes you more comfortable to hold and easier to control, achieve well-balanced with a high cutting performance.

● Life Saver & Time Saver: Thinking of makeover your yard or garden? It must take years for you to get rid of the branches and tackling old overgrown trees little by little with a hand saw. Lucky for you if you own a battery operated mini chainsaw, this saw makes life so much easier by cutting through branches and firewoods. No kidding, time for drinking a cup of coffee, you can deal with six bundles of wood for easy disposal.

● You Have Everything You Need: Add this battery chainsaw to your camping tool kit or let it be your garden helper.

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