How to Use Electric Chainsaw?

Logs under strain:

Risk of pinching! Always start relieving cut at compression side. Then make bucking cut at tension side. If the saw pinches, stop the engine and remove it from the log.Only properly trained professionals should work in an area where the logs, limbs and roots are tangled. Working in “upwind ”areas is extremely hazardous. Drag the logs into a clear area before cutting. Pull out exposed logs and cleared first.

How to Use Electric Chainsaw?

Precautions for pruning

(1)If the branches under the tree are pruned first, the trunk will not be supported by the branches. The trees will roll causing serious or fatal injuries.a.Turn the main pole over and then trim the branches on it.b.Do not stand on the log for trimming operations.

Notes on logging
(1)Inexperienced personnel are prohibited from approaching dangerous logging sites, otherwise it may cause serious or fatal personal injury and property damage.a. Please do not log alone.a.Judge the direction of the tree so that it can fall cleanly.b.Bystanders, children, and animals are not allowed to stay within 2.5 tree lengths.c.Observe the tree canopy and the canopy of adjacent trees to ensure that there is no interference from branches when the canopy falls.(3)When the tree falls, the trunk may break or bounce towards the operator which can cause serious or cause life injury.

Choose a good electric chainsaw, save your time and energy.

a.Plan the escape route around.b.Observe the direction the tree fell, and flee towards the planned escape route.c.Don't go uphill.(4)Obstacles on the work site or escape route will hinder the escapee. People fleeing may fall,leading to serious or fatal injuries.Clean up obstacles in the work area and escape route.(5)If there are fixed hinges or stable ropes on the trunk, the tree may fall uncontrollably and prematurelywhich will cause serious or fatal injury and property damage to the operator.a.Do not use hinges.b.Use the stabilizer rope at the end.c.If the tree falls prematurely: Please give up logging and evacuate along the escape route.(6)When cutting, if the head of the guide plate touches the object or the wood clamps and squeezes the chain, it may cause rebound'a.Stop logging operations and select suitable vehicles using a rope to pull down trees.

How to Use Electric Chainsaw?

Never operate your saw without chain lubrication. If the chain runs dry, the whole cutting attachment will be irretrievably damaged within a very short time. Always check chain lubrication and the oil level in the tank before starting work.It's ok to use ordinary engine oil to maintain your tool, such as:Gearbox oil, Differential oil, Engine oil, Cooking oil, Air tool oil, Compressor oil.


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How to Use Electric Chainsaw?

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