When is the Best Time to Prune Fruit Trees? How to Cut?

As the saying goes: if a small tree is not repaired, it will not slip straight, and if it is repaired, it means pruning. Especially in the management of fruit trees, pruning is the top priority of the entire field management.


Reasonable pruning can quickly expand the crown of young trees, bear fruit in advance, and rejuvenate old trees. So, about pruning, do you know what pruning at different times does?



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Old fruit farmers all know this sentence: spring and summer peel off and autumn branches, and winter prune to adjust the skeleton. Most pruning is done in winter and is known as winter shearing.

In fact, in the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, pruning can be carried out according to different needs, and the fruit trees can be adjusted according to the pruning reflection of fruit trees in different periods.

Winter pruning: Winter pruning is done in winter, termed dormant pruning. At this time, the activity of the fruit tree is very slow, and nutrients flow back from the top to the root system and thick branches. This time of pruning is the least nutrient loss for fruit trees. And by thinning out the excess shoots, more of the nutrients can flow back to the useful shoots in the coming year. The northern deciduous fruit trees are generally carried out around the Spring Festival.

Spring, summer and autumn, these three periods are called growing season pruning. At this time, most of the nutrients accumulate on the new shoots and leaves, and cutting off some branches will inevitably lead to nutrient loss, thereby inhibiting root growth and weakening tree vigor. Therefore, the amount of pruning and pruning during the growth period must be small, and most of them are used for tree type adjustment of young trees.


Spring pruning is carried out after the germination of the tree body to the flowering period, which is suitable for young trees and fruit trees with low germination rate and weak branches. At this time, pruning can weaken the apical dominance, ease the tree vigor and increase the number of branches.

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Summer pruning is from May to August, mainly to solve the problem of ventilation and light transmission of fruit trees, and to control the leggy and balanced tree vigor of new shoots.


Autumn pruning is generally carried out during the fruit ripening and harvesting period. At this time, the fruit tree enters the nutrient reserve period, and the useless and poor quality branches are removed, which is conducive to the concentration of nutrients and improves the quality of flower bud differentiation.


Fruit tree pruning can be carried out all year round, but the methods and points of pruning are different in different seasons. Plastic pruning is mainly carried out during the winter dormancy period, and pruning in other seasons has its own focus. Winter pruning: It is carried out after the fruit tree leaves leaves and before budding in spring. The main purpose of pruning in this season is to organize the tree shape, stabilize the tree vigor, cultivate the fruiting branch group, and adjust the number of flower buds.

Post time: Apr-27-2022